Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake surfing again!!

Brief History
(Johan) The great lake of Storsjön (english; Big Lake), has an area of 464 square km's and a maximum depth of 74 mtrs. It´s the fifth biggest lake in Sweden and is located in between the mountains in the province of Jämtland.

There´s been lots of rumours going around about the size of waves it can whip up when the old North, northwest and easterly winds are blowing hard. I´ve heard boat owners saying they had to go in to shelter behind islands because the waves were 2 - 3 meters. Naturally I´m a bit sceptical about this fact.. But still the scepticism didn´t stop me from actually going out and trying to catch a few waves.

Back in 1995, when my buddy Emil and I had built our own surfboards (Yes they were crap) we tried surfing the lake for the first time. Because of the boards we didn´t get much out of it, but it was still fun.

Last year however, it moved in to a new level. Rob and I took our boards and went out to check a secret spot that we´d been hoping might work after studying the depth charts. And it did work! We had a fun session with waist - chest high waves in fresh water. After the session I called up Ratman, and although he was sceptical (who would blame him?) we went out.

That session Rat and I found an even better spot, that we decided to call 'No Mans Land'. Because that´s exactly what it was, a No Mans Land...We, (RAT and I Johan) were the first people to ever surf it in the history of Storsjön..'Big lake'

The photos below are from No Mans Land, on an evening session with Ratman and I on the 25th August this year. If I know Rat right, he´ll post a story with the pictures, but I really gotta get back to work now, and don´t have the time... Enjoy the photos!

Me pumping up some speed..

Ratman walking the board..

Ratman paddling out..

The Lake

Ratman on his way up from the surf..

Ratman taking off..

Beautiful lines!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help Dropdeadfred!!

Our surfing buddy Dropdeadfred and his friends in sundsvall have paid for and built a concrete pool. Now the county has decided to rent the land to a company named Kubal.

This means that their pool might get torn down, and they really need our help. Sign the petition in the link below, and help them convince the county to exclude the tiny piece of land that the pool is on from the lease.

Your name counts!

Friday, August 17, 2007

'RATLAND' ..NEW SPOT..Surfed, christened and renamed!!

(Ratman)Having been the first person ever in Swedish history to surf an island up here in Sundsvall I am officially renaming and christening what was once named as 'SHITPOLES' by Johan and I, to.... 'RATLAND'...

It was a bombora with alot of potential..I paddled out into the middle of the ocean to get to it..(about 1km) and surfed it all by myself..It was a bit too small to work properly, being a bombora it needed a bit more swell, but the biggest of the set waves threw out nice a-frame peaks with grunt and I can see great things happening there in the future..while the other spot we surfed last night was waist to head high and slop, this place threw out double overhead with 3 times as much push and really clean conditions..

I know that I was the first ever to surf it because when I paddled back to land an old lady came down on the beach in amazement and was frothing at the fact that I paddled over alone and surfed it..She asked me if I was tired and if I was scared being out there alone ..hahaha...
She said that she had lived in the house on the point for 50 years and never seen anyone surfing there before even though she had seen really big waves breaking there!! When she saw me paddle over she got her binoculars and was sitting on the porch watching me...hahaha...bring on RATLAND...more on last night to come..peace..RAT

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nice session at NVS

Me and Jay got a good session at NVS, while Ratman was riding the zipline flying fox and partying in Åre..story to follow.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Check this guy out..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Get Facebook!

You all gotta get facebook! It´s a really great way to keep in touch with friends from all over the world. Since I got mine last monday I´ve been hooked. So, go get it.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Back on the job..

(Johan) Well, now the vacation is over, and the reality of having to work all day is beginning to dawn on me. To really top it off the weather is fantastic, and is gonna be so for the rest of the week..

I guess it´s just Murphys law.. I´ll put up a picture of a reef girl, and try to give you all some inspiration.


Friday, August 3, 2007

GVN, small but fun

(Johan) I just got back from a cosy little four hour session. Jay and I went, since Rat is going on some Citroen Golf contest tomorrow, and he had heeps to do at work.

When we got to GVN, there was 2 other cars at the spot. One was Drop dead Freds, and the other one belonged to some newbies. The weather was beautiful, light winds and blue sky. We surfed the waist to chest high waves for a couple of hours and got some half decent rides. When the moon came up at around 23.30, we decided to call it quits. We went up to the car and feasted on the sandwiches and coffee that Britta(Jays wife) had made us.

All in all a good trip. Small but fun sorta sums it up!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

*UPDATED* Surfari, the island quest...

We´ve updated the island quest, read more here: