Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter surf Swedish Style!!!

An epic session went down today in minus 7 deg and a raging snowstorm!!
While we were in the Balmy +4 degree water (about 2hrs surfing) it snowed about 30cms..hahaha.
Here's a few pics for ya's

Pretty crappy pic because it was much much better than this garbage pic shows but I couldn't stand and wait for the sets! It was -7 degs out and snowing buckets and I didn't have any gloves on!!

This was the road out from the surf..this was the vision from the car!

This was a little one when we arrived, It got much much better when we paddled out, the wind shifted and went offshore and the sets snuck in and IT SNOWED like 30cms while we were in the surf!!

The boys before going out, -7 degs out and +4 in the water!

Check the 2cm rim of ice on my hood's visor! hahaha

David stumbling thru the rocks in the dark on the way in!

This is what ya call 'RIM FROST' HAHAHA

Jimmy surrounded by a universe of snow stars!

Woodsy super happy to be back in real surf temps after just getting back from 7 weeks in Bali!

It was a classic surf and our coldest one yet...We got lucky to be able to change into our wetty's at Jimmy's place and do the same when we got was totally ok in the water though but you couldn't sit still for more than a minute or two, you had to paddle or keep moving in some way all the time..I often lay in the water because it was at least +4 and not -6!! HAHAHA
The Runners are back on line!