Friday, August 27, 2010

Shit is it snowing?

Wow ratty i would have never guessed it was snowing............. Cutts

Im so Farken Retarded!

Friday, August 20, 2010

We Finally Scored

On Wednesday, Woodsy and I got in the car again and drove the mandatory 2hrs to the surf after checking the prognosis. Heath was in France surfing, Jay and Johan had to work so Woodsy and I had to do the 2hr trip as partners in crime.. ;-)

We weren't disappointed. We arrived to 4-5ft lefts 100m long lefts with just one guy out when we arrived and a few more that turned up after a while but there were heaps of waves coming in so everyone got surf and Woodsy and I surfed for 5½ hrs. There were even a couple of sneaky barrells coming thru for those that were lucky and also on the ball!

I, being the 'short term memory loss king', took both my new digital video camera and my camera to work in the morning to charge them and forgot them when I left to drive to the surf ...duuuhhhhhh!!

The surf just got better and better and it was ashame that it got dark cause it got really good the last hour before dark..looks like autumn has started. thank god for that!

Now it looks like it's gunna be really good this week coming as well..this time we'll make sure we get some really good pics..will updaate soon! peace from da ratman