Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frexi gets it glassy!

Our team member Mr Frexi Jansson got it REALLY good last thurs morning..

We all saw that a new season swell was on the way..

Frexi turned up to 1.35 degs celcius in the water and just a few degs + out..His friend owns a cabin right in front of this little spot we have up here and they turned the sauna on and went surfing..frexi said that these pics are of the last bit of the session when the swell had dropped off to about half it's size.

He said that when they got there it was head high and really glassy and ..of course.. no-one out..he scored it are the only 5 pics last we are on the way to more surf..
Congratulations on what looked like a really nice surf buddy.....RAT