Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friday 31 oct

It is on again boys..on friday at 12 pm it looks like this...and you all know where THAT means there are waves..yes ..the new GOLDEN spot should be even bigger than before and that means tubes ..i really shouldn't go but jesus h christ, soon i'll be too old to surf so maybe we should go...who's keen, check out the wind in 'THE SPOT' it'll be offshore as well by the looks of it with the edges of a 4m swell hitting it..yummmmm..let me know i may go..DA RAT.

Friday, October 24, 2008



We had another great session. Seems like the swells are really coming in good and consistant for once.

Today's adventure takes place in Norrland. The surf reports predicted right. We got some surf. The last hour of the session the waves picked up. There were some double overheaders coming in now and then. Hope you all enjoy. Featured surfers in the photos are Rat-Man, Andrew, Magnus and Nils. (Oscar, hopefully next time, I will get some photo's of you too.)











Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friday looks epic

(RAT) I'm thinkin' about taking fiday off and sufing ALL day..who's in???

It loks like it's guna be the las 2 days with 10 deg tems and better wether in the afternon. looks really really good..this is fiday and saturday under..mmmmm

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow... (Updated with some more pics)

A really, really small one, but heavenly clean...


(Johan)Just got back from a really, really good session. Me, Andrew, Björn and Eric went for a surf this afternoon. Ratman had a family reunion, and Jay was a good parent. Judging by the prognosis it looked like it´d be big and windy as hell, but when we got there it was just magic...

Story`ll follow later, I´ll post some pictures now instead. Julia and her boyfriend came by and took some photos with a super camera, so we´ll put up some better photos later. Peace

Me taking off.Andrew taking off

Big swell today

Well there was a big swell pounding the coast from the south today and from what I saw on the i-net it looked like the swell angle was right and that the wind would be pretty good..I couldn't get there today but i reckon the boys would have had some good stuff...i guess the photo's will do justice and maybe if it was big enuff they might be in the running for the biggest wave of the year...keep your eyes on the blog...Peace from Da RAT

Friday, October 3, 2008

An awesome evening !

(RAT). We left at 12pm and dared to drive 2½hrs thru the pissing rain in 8 deg temps and turned up to really nice and reasonably solid surf yesterday,(thurs 2nd oct).
It was me, Andrew and a newcomer to 'Swedish Waters', Woodsy from Vicco. Jay and Johan had to work
The prognosis had said that the wind would back off so we were hoping for a bigger swell than last time with the same sort of conditions but unfortunately the wind didn't back off and it was sort of side shore, sometimes offshore gusting surf that we got.

The swell was definitely bigger, much bigger, than last time and there were a few tubes to be had, and they were taken (off course) when then chance arrived..
As usual, no-one wanted to stand and take any photo's after pulling up and seeing the sets unload down the point so the photo's don't do justice to how good some of the waves were, but they give a little taste of what it was like.

Woodsy got initiated with the very comfortable temps of @ 11 deg water and after struggling on his 6'1"salt water thruster, (as first time 'freshwater' surfers do), hopped onto my 6' fish and caught some good waves. Andrew paddled further up the point and caught a few out the back before sneaking in where we were and getting a few beauties as well
When the good ones came thru you could ride them for @100m and they got quicker down the line. It was unreal to get wet again and IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S GUNNA BE ON AGAIN ON SUNDAY WITH A 4M+ SWELL BREWING FROM THE SOUTH EAST.

Here's some of the shots we took, sorry that they don't do the surf justice really! I got 2 tubes and one of them was a stand-up 'hands in the air' section that I came out of dry...other than the odd barrelling section, the rides were often quick sucky faces with the occasional fat rolling wave that didn't link up properly but the ones that did link up were screamers and after 3 hrs I was totally spagetti armed..I think that Andrew and Woodsy were also pretty knackered and after a 2½hr drive we got home at 9pm..pray for surf on Sunday, then the whole crew will be able to go I think...Peace from the everliving, evercheerful RATMAN

check how big the wave is by the cabin 50m behind it!!! (jay- that's like saying "look how small the Eifle Tower is!" when you are standing a mile away from it and touching the tip Johan! haha)

A realistic distance shot, @100m away
Closer view
even closer yumm yumm tubing sections at 4-5ft....
woodsy about to dive into the baltic for the 1st time and the last photo is woodsy ridin a nice one

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now the swells changed and picked up !!

It's going east and it's howling from the east right now (at 16-26m/s!!), 11.30 at night.. it's gunna pump tomorrow at 'Golden' !!
I'm leaving at 11.30 am..who's in? Woodsy is coming with me..who's gunna be barrelling and solid .....yahooooo...RAT