Monday, March 16, 2009

Midnight Runners score again!

(RAT) Hello fellow bloggers!
Here we are back in Östersund after a week in the cold waters of Norway during winter (but warmer waters than in Sweden!!!)

It's a risky business booking a week of surfing 2 months in advance because it can just turn out that the week you have booked can turn out dead flat, totally howling onshore or out of control, unsurfable, massive slop! However, it can also turn out really good if you have the luck!

We don't normally book in our surf missions (we just hit it when the prognosis is 'on') but this year was different because our fellow 'midnight runners' member Jay and his wife are expecting bub number 2 and she was due to arrive 4 weeks after our return. So we earmarked a week and hoped she didn't pop one out before or during our mission..We were lucky and all was well and we made it home without Jay having been an 'absent' father..

We lost our faithfull 'runners' member Andrew (from California who had lost his job here and had to go back to the states) just before we were due to go which was a big shame. Woodsy, the other ozzie, is in Oz at the moment on hols..We were down to 3 members in Östersund: Johan, myself and Jay.

2 weeks before we were due to leave, Johan rings me up and hands over his mobile to a guy from Adelaide, in Oz, named Heath that Johan had met at the language school that day! (the same day that Andrew left for the U.S.!!!) Turns out that Heath is a really keen surfer as well and was the Billabong rep in Adelaide before sacrificing it all to come to Sweden with his girl.. another victim, hahaha--but thank God for that because all of a sudden we were 5 again (counting Woodsy). Heath was naturally flipping out when he heard that we were going to Norway and we wanted him to come along...He was stoked to think that he was gunna get wet again..
Unfortunately, 2 days before we were due to leave, Johan had to pull out because of work and family commitments, but it was lucky that Heath was there, otherwise it wouldn't have been as fun driving with just 2 of us in the car..It's always more fun with a gang..

We took off for the west coast of Norway at 6am on Monday, March 9th (as soon as Jay finished his night shift) with an 11hr drive ahead of us. Because of the horrendous night-time experience we had last february, we decided to be the 'Daylight Runners' this year for fear of dying before we got there!

Apart from one part (when we had to drive over sheet ice for 30kms with a HOWLING 'hurricane like' side-wind that all but blew the queue of cars doing 4okms/hr OFF the road, including us) .....
the drive went well....... and we arrived just on dark to a 6ft offshore swell and no-one out, as usual.. Olav takin' off.. We decided to get settled in and set to work immediately by making a reasonably large dent in a case of coldies as a warm up for the surf the next day ..hahahaha. We woke up the next morning and settled into a week of tasty waves ranging from 3-7ft..yum yum--here are some of the pics. hope you enjoy!!

Jay and heath took the pics.. and jay wrote most of the comments to the pics!
Peace and love from Jay, Heath and Ratman...

Afternoon glaze
Ducking under a nice one Heath paddling out Olav The Viking chargin' a killer right, never afraid! Jarrand from Norway doing a cutty Sweet left. Heath goin for broke on this close out
After a quick bite to eat the boys construct a game plan
Jarrand goin for it,he didn't make it but it's a really nice photo! Jarrand with a nice backside barrel Ratman Ratman with the cool bottom turn Olav taking a rest after a long day of surfing Ratman at the guillotine Ratman slotted Still slotted Jarrand goin for it does he make it?? Nope. but nice try
Rat on a sweet left Rat showin the lip who's boss. Floater Ratman setting up
to indie grab,
to floater,
to 3½ foot free fall and pulls it. Jarrand takin off
Rat on another clean left
The electric slide
To the sweeping hack
Just there.
being beautiful
Ratman slotted again
Still in the pit and into the close out, and got slammed.haha..and loved it!!
2 of the lads after a nice session.
Another perfect empty one goes unridden!

Friday, March 13, 2009

YUMMMM yummmmmmmmm

After spending a week in the northern parts of the surfing world with a mixed bag of fruit..some VERY ripe, some just average, we will give you guys a full update with pictures that you can drool over......(yes it was crankin' sometimes)..(like REALLY crankin')...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 Days Left

We are soooooo close now..I saw the pictures from Hoddevik was crankin' here's a couple of pics..i'm so amped i cant sleep!!! hahaha Peace from DA RAT

This last shot was taken from the window of torkilds house about 400m away!!! It was goin aaarrrrrrrrfffff mate....!!