Friday, May 30, 2008


(Johan) Still flat as a pancake. The only good thing is that the weather is so damn nice. The damn dog ate my best pair of flipflops yesterday, so now it´s either barefoot or warm ass sneakers. I tried to compensate by buying a pair of cheap ones, but they sucked so hard I can´t use them...
The knee is still bad, but getting better. Oh well, we´ll have to sacrifice my trashed 6´5 to kahuna, and maybe then we´ll finally get some surf.
(A little addition by RAT)...well the last time we posted anything showing us surfing was the 30th March..that means that it's been 8 flat weeks..amazing..nothing in sight for next week either as yet and norway is equally as flat!!!
Kaap praying boys and girls..(Rat)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well my fellow bloggers...the RAT has taken up binge drinking to ease the pain of the longest, flatest flat spell in the history of histories!!! BEN HUR wasn't even as long as this flat spell.!!!!

Can't believe we haven't had a surf since the end of february!!! Jeesus christ a man could become an alcoholic living in this bloody country!!!
Looks like something could turn up on Sunday...mmmm. keep your eyes on the weather sights..
Here's some personal pics of the Swedish Surf Championships in Torö in Dec 07..Taken from my side of the camera..Me, Henio and his georgeous sister Tina who I first met as a grommet back in '90 and a pick of Craig 'Sheepo' Shearer, Chris 'Sharkboy' and Louise (his girl) at the party afterwards, a pic of Binge and I packing gear in the morning together, the winning girls and guys and a few more shots..enjoy... Peace from the RAT

Henio, my old mate and his sis TinaBinge and I packing in the early morningSheepo,Sharky and LouiseThe winning girlsThe guysHenio holds the sm longboard trophy high..he was the only one I gave a '9' to ALL day in both the long and shortboard classes!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some gnarly wipeouts

Well, thought I´d try and pull a little weight in the posting, so here´s a few gnarly wipeouts.. Wish I was there...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


(RAT)...Well it's flat as a pancake in the Baltic at the moment!! For that is our blog.....
This exact day last year, Johan and I got our first surf after the ice had gone, in perfect overhead offshore tubing golden sunshine..this year only the pancakes are sucks big time..we are even sussing out waves in rivers to pass the time during the 'big thaw' of the snow around here..ask Jay...
I have given up and am off for a week of golf in Denmark...I know that playing golf is like sacrificing a surfboard to Kahuna for surf..(you have to be totally desperate)....and I AM...
Hope the gods of surf answer our prayers..peace blog surfers..DA RAT