Friday, August 29, 2008

A pleasant evenings surf!

(Rat) After watching the internet sights all day I packed the car and made a last minute 240km dash to the coast with frexi and andrew
What a smart decision that turned out to be because we arrived to PERFECT 3-5ft tubes crunching and rolling down the point..sad that it was only andrew and me out..hahahahaha...frexi had just lasered his eyes so he couldn't surf but he attemted to take a few photo's of us with my crappy little 5mpix camera.. it didn't go too well but he got a couple of ok shots and here's some of them
I'd say that yesterday's surf ranks in the top 4 surfs i have had in was pumping actually with power and form and i got a few really nice little cover-ups..pray for more surf..RAT

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frexi finds a new spot!! 'GOLDEN'

(Update from RAT)
Our legend friend Freddie 'Frexi' Jansson has uncovered and surfed a new spot..On Sunday 17th Frexi surfed a new left hand point that works in big North East swell when our other North east spot maxes out and gets out of control..We won't give it's real name, (naturally), but we can temporarily name it 'GOLDEN'................
Frexi's words to me were...
"We have found a new golden spot! It is better than any other wave we have in our area! We surfed 150-200m long lefts off a point today and they were 10 times better than the other spot we have in the same conditions..the wave gets better and better the bigger it gets and never maxes out.It's a really easy paddle out 'cause you just paddle out around the was unreal! It's an even better wave than the wave we surf in southerly conditions!"
Not many photo's got taken that turned out very good but I'll put in a couple as a taste for the future.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MOoohahahahaha, what a great session!

Yesterday was really good. Jay just came back from the states and had presents for all of us. We hung out for a few minutes at Grants job, and then everyone went back home to pack up their shit for a surf trip.

We left at around five and had a great trip discussing the finer things in life, like star wars, bad drivers and boobs.

We arrived at NVS and it was all sunny and beautiful. Jay put on his wetsuit backwards, and I (Johan) jumped off the wrong rock and got slammed in to the cliffs. Grant kooked out on 3 consecutive waves and Andrew´s soul is full of poop. Then we just started catching really good rides and had the time of our life.

We stopped at a gasstation on our way back and had a feast.

Unfortunately no one brought a camera, but then again, no one of us would have stayed on the beach long enough to use it..