Saturday, February 21, 2009

15 days

Only 15 days left till we get on the road, thru hell to get to NORWAY AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!

The negatives are many,

5 degs in the water, probably just over the zero level temps out of the water, a hell drive over the mountains and thru the fjords in most likely horrendous snowstorms with definite risk of encountering very large animals wandering over the road in the form of MOOSE and other lovely creatures such as deer or reindeer or foxes etc etc etc.

There are only 2 positives,

Firstly we will most likely get perfect cranking barrels and

secondly, we'll most likely be alone in the water or with people already know..max crowd of 5 total..




We promise to give the full rundown to ya's with lot's of pics..peace..DA RAT

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good and Bad News

(RAT) Sorry we haven't updated so much the last little while but it's not strange really, because of several reasons..

Firstly, the Baltic Sea froze this year and so surfing is downright impossible until maybe april.
Secondly, it has been a real winter here and really cold for ages and ages.
Thirdly, apart from Andrew and Frexi, all of us others have kids and winters are filled with all sorts of sport activities that suck a parents' free time to the maximum.
OK, enough of the ramblings!!!
The BAD news first..... Our CLASSIC 'Midnight Runners' life member Andrew lost his job over here in Sweden and has been forced to go back to the States..bummer..very sad for us other crew members..he was a really funny guy and a part of the gang ..he will be sadly missed..hope he gets back here soon..the photo's I put in are a little tribute to him..we are gunna miss you 'Pinky'..
The GOOD news is that the remainder of the crew Jay, me and Johan are off to Norway for a week on the 9th of March..only 18 days left Yeeehoooo..we have scored great surf every time we have gone because we have just 'taken off' when the surf report looked good. This time, however, we were forced to book a week in the calender and chance that there will be surf because Jay's wife is expecting a baby in 2 months..we figured we had to take Jay on a 'last mission of freedom' assault, (kind of like a buck's night sort of thing, hahaha) before he buckles down with 2 little kids for a while..
We promise to put in some insane pics..even if the surf is crap I'm sure I can get Johan to do something superbly dangerous to give you readers some enjoyable pictures to look and laugh at..hahahahaa..anyway..until 9th march peace from the midnight runners..RAT