Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New camera!

(Johan) Yesterday I bought a new compact digital camera, and I´m stoked as hell. With a tripod we´ll be able to take kick ass photos of us surfing.

Now we just have to learn how to take good photos, I´m gonna get my photographer buddy Rob to give me a few pointers.

Looks like there might be surf saturday or sunday, the gang have all ordered new boards, so it´ll be a really fun session.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great surf today!!!

(Rat) We got probably the biggest surf we have had since Aug last year. It was 8 degs out and 8 in..When we got there it was about chest high and by the time we'd gotten changed and come back it had jumped up at least a metre within 15 mins..We times it perfectly again.It got bigger and bigger..Let's just say it was solid and waaay over head on the sets. I estimate there were some 6 footers sneaking through at times. The bummer is we got very little evidence of it AGAIN due to lack of photo taking (we were all in the water surfing and no-one wanted to go in and take photo's) and a bit of bad luck with the focus on the ones we did get..A real shame 'cause it was crankin' all arvo. Jay got tired and went in a bit earlier and took a few photos but they unfortunately didn't come out very well..There is one of me trying to get around the whitewater, (which I succeeded in doing), that gives an idea of the size of some of the medium ones but there were much bigger and chunkier ones coming through and being ridden by the crew. We were 5 today...Johan (Kojak), Grant (Rat), Jay (Master of the Universe), Andrew (Pinky) and Emil (Smiley). I saw Andrew do a really nice big floater on a closeout section on one, which he pulled off cleanly. I saw Johan take a couple of rights all the way to shore with at full throttle and Emil got a few really nice ones on my '75 hot buttered single fin before returning on Johans 7'10" funboard for a few more. Funny though..although I know Jay caught heaps of waves I didn't get the chance to see even one of his rides..!!

I got some screamers. Got a tube on one and had a few waves where I was able to pull off several slashes and reo's. I even got a full on over the falls wipe out on one..hahaha..Anyway, of the pics we got here are some..

This is what it looked like when we arrived

Ratman coming up for a cup of coffee, surfing my super duper Lost fish... (Johan)
Ratman catching up with the tube
Emil cruising in after the session
Emil, happy and surfed out
Me speeding down the line with Ratmans fish
Me getting up
Andrew with his gayest board ever... The surf Betty...
"Why did I get a pink board, WHY?"
Jay, the mister of all underpants, throwing up his gang sign
Ratman getting out of his suit
Usama bin Laden is alive and well, surfing in Sweden, eating an apple
Emil, Me (Johan), Jay, Julia, Andrew, Ratman and Lisa

We saw that the girls, Julia and Lisa had been surfing on the point and we caught up with them at dark and took a group shot..5 degs out A great fun session and it was fun to have Emil along again..*till tha next time Bloggers..RAT out..

Monday, October 22, 2007

RATMAN dancing!

Click this link:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gold yet again...

We FINALLY got some surf again..Just Johan and I, all alone.It was 8 degs out when we got there and 8 degs in the water..No probs with the great wetties we've got.. it's almost too warm in them actually!! See Johan in the background just about to cutback on the outside wave??!!
Friday the 19th oct..we left from Östersund at 1pm and got to Sundsvall at @ 3pm.Jay and Andrew had to work and Frexi is studying in Uppsala (I think).This is what greeted us when we arrived..Although it looks small it's a zoomed camera shot.they were about shoulder high with the occasional overhead set.
When we arrived it was light onshore and not a footprint on the whole beach..(note Johans footprints in the sand!!)..we were alone again. No-one had walked on the beach for a month.. The boomgate on the private road was closed so we had to get changed and walk the last 600m
This shot is of our other secret spot ...yet to be surfed, by anyone, EVER! We checked it before hitting our other spot.We'll wait for bigger surf and then we'll hit it and name it..haha DISCOVERY.!! a car shot from the jourmey there..
Another shot of our new secret spot..clean and knee to waist high..can't wait for a big swell!!

Out of focus..and the camera was as well..haha

there's the date
Johan about to hit it
self portrait on a really nice sunny but half chilly day..still light onshore
a little peak hits while johan waits for a set wave
merry xmas to you all from the cold country
check out those muscles mate
head's really ugly though
We surfed alone on an empty beach for 3 hours till it got about 4.30 the wind died and it got even went offshore..both johan and I got small but incredibly good fun tubes..not the aussie type tubes but a tube up here is worth gold to was heaps of fun in a year that hasn't offered much in the way of favourable surf conditons..last year we were surfing almost every week 'till the ice hit the ocean up here..this year it has been blowing westerly in some form almost all the time and that means that the waves are getting blown over to Finland..this year I wish I was living in Finland..Might have to hit Norway and get some real surf soon..Hears to surfing totally alone..I like it ..I don't care about the cold..the wetty's are so good the cold water's no problem at just means less people surfing..hahaha..go the icewaves..

Peace from the midnight runners..Pray for surf

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hey! It's Jay, do you think he's Gay? What do you say?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

RAT, without the HAT, doing the CAT

NOOOOO suuuurf

Well fellow bloggers. It's been westerly for like a whole's crap...I can't stand it any more..

here's some pics of me in oz, before I moved here.Above, sitting at Tallows, 35 deg in the shade.
Below a normal sunday on Clarke's beach Byron Bay, that´s me, in the hat.

Small day at as hell but nice clean water