Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vive la France!

In about 6 hours I´m packing up the car and heading down to Anglet with Sofie and the kids. It´s gonna be 3 weeks with crisp waves in warm water (not that much of a difference from yesterday evening..)
I reckon the surf for next week looks pretty good eh? Hahahahaha, It´s gonna be sooooooo good! Really sad that I don´t get to share those waves with you guys, that would have been so much better..

Anyways, I´ll try to update the blog if I find a decent internet connection, not sure if it´ll work to post pictures though.

Hope you guys get some decent surf up here when I´m gone, I reckon it´ll be heaps of fun now that there´s a little more crowded than ever... Remember, YOU`RE always right!


Nice, warm, small and crowded!

Rat and Frexi and I had a nice 4 hr session. (Rat) 27th June...We took off at 4pm and raced the white line again..we knew it would be small but Johan was on his way to France for 3 weeks the next day so we figured it'd be fun to get wet..We met up with frexi was tiny but much warmer now..we surfed in wetties but no other gear was about 17 degs in the water..

A crowd showed up and at one point there were 9(!!!!) people in the water in knee to waist high waves hahaha...Johan got the shits with the amateur crew and plowed his fantastic plastic machine into one poor grommets board causing grievous 'boardily' harm hahahaaha...both Johan and frexi got heaps of little peelers ..I just veged out caught a few and enjoyed the weather..It was sunny and warm and nice to float around.(note the 10pm sun in the background..

Johan taking the HUGE drop!!

Tha boys in contemplation

Walking the board

Rat hangin' '5 over'..... on a monster set!!

Nice sunset

Evening shot of the crew@11pm

Johan's bailing to France now so I may have to do the 2hr trip alone if something surfable turns up,,,boooooring..Have a good trip mate..hope you get some good surf...till the next time.Peace ..RAT

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Surf tonight!

Theres gunna be waves tonight, and it might be tubing! Me, Rat and Frexi are heading out, Jay had to work and wouldn´t call in sick..

Be back with photos and report. Peace

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In response to Rat...

Hehehehe, this is friday... Doesn´t look so flat to me.
You´re just a little jealous eh mate?


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nada Surf...

As you can see it looks like theres no surf on midsummers for us up our way..
I´m hoping the prognosis will change for the weekend though. Jay (Pinky) is off work, and Ratman (a.k.a Big Girlie Man) is finished building his carport.
Waiting now to hear word from rob if we´re gonna skate or boatsurf tonight. Be back with a report.
/Johan (Puppet)

9 days left...

Can´t wait... Just 9 days left now. Then I get to wax up the boards with regular cold/warm wax, and paddle out in boardshorts.
As for home, doesn´t look like the good old midsummer storm is gonna hit. Might be waist-highs on thursday though.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Suuuurfs up ace! Grant has a horn!

(Johan) We had a fuckin' blast yesterday. The story goes as follows: We´d been checking the sights all day again, and saw that there was a tiny, tiny chance that we might get some midnight swell.

Jay got off work at 20:00, so IF we were going to go, (and we really wanted to get Jay in the water for the first time in Sweden), we couldn´t do it before he got off work!!! Jay has been missing out! (What, first with the baby being on the way and then BORN and the rest of all the family obligations that are then included) and hasn't had a surf in Sweden EVER before....... AND had not surfed since July last year when he was home in the States.
(Note the beer cans opened on the beach at 1:40 in the morning)...They are called Norrlands guld (Northland's gold)..quite appropriate really !!!

Ratman and I spoke on the phone a couple of times, debated at great length (and were both really whining about the fact that the prognosis was so wobbly).. Finally I convinced him to go.!!. All of a sudden he just said...(at 10 past 8 at night mind you,.... on a thursday when we all had to work the next day AND with a 2½ hour drive in front of us) ...`FUCK IT, you only live once, LET'S GO......I'll be there in 10 minutes..get your shit together ...we're going NOW´ off we went. Then it was the panic 'pack the boards and all the gear and fill the car up with juice'.....and by the time we got away it was 9pm...THANK GOD FOR THE NEVER ENDING MIDNIGHT SUN UP HERE IN's light 24 hrs a day hahahaha...We were on the way to our second Midnight Runners `midnight surf´..yeeeehaaaaaaaa...

We went by Stugun to pick up Jay (from his `PINK´ house!!!) and he stood there on the porch with about 200 gallons of coffee and a huge smile on his face. He hasn´t been in the water in Sweden since he moved here and was stoked as hell to get wet over here for the first time. The drive out to the spot was full of good stories and loads of laughs and great music blaring at full volume. As we caught our first glimpse of the ocean it was almost completley flat!!!.. Ratman cursed the winds and we prepared ourselves for a paddle in a totally flat ocean.

But as you might know by now, we always strike gold! The surf was small, but definitely rideable, and we had a super session with clean ankle slappers at first with light offshores and a colour spackelled sky.. and then gradually building sideshore slop in the midnight sun.

We surfed from 23:40 till 2:30 in the morning and as you can see from the pics it was a spectacular `sunset and sunrise´. It never gets dark huh...The water is getting much warmer now, and there's gonna be a lot of nice summer surf sessions soon.

We headed off home and dropped Jay off at his `PINK´ house around 04:10, and got back to Östersund at 04.30 in the morning. (side note by Jay: "I didn't paint my house pink! It was just born that way!")

It's been hell having to work today with such little sleep, but compared to Jay who started work at 06:00 this morning and works til 19:00, I guess I´m quite lucky..(he got 45 mins sleep
today hahaha...Ratman got 3hrs and I got about the same as Rat !!!) (Jay: "I wouldn't consider 3 hours beauty sleep. You guys probably had it rougher than I did. I was in a euphoric state of fatigue which was actually a nice high") Lack of sleep or not, everytime there's surf it's always worth it...As we say over here in the land of the never setting summer sun...`BEGGERS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS´! Peace to you all..Life is good!!
The Midnight runners...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

skate tonight, surf tomorrow!

Tonight we´re gonna skate, and tomorrow it looks like theres gonna be swell! WOOHOOOO!


Skate session

Yesterday I had a short skate session at the mini ramp. Good fun! Met up with Joshi, who´s a really good skater. He´s gonna go compete in Thailand soon.

Tonight I might skate again, I´m stoked!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

16 days...

Now its 16 days til I get to enjoy this perfect view... The apartment is right in this house, and I really can´t wait to get there.
There´s a world of difference between having 200 km, or 30 meters to the break.. Surf´s up!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Crowd control

We´ve had visitors so far from Oz, France, Great Britain, Ireland and the US. Not to forget Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sundsvall and other parts of Sweden.

*edit* And the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Sri Lanka

To get a better grip on who the hell you are, please leave a comment at this link:



Finally the weather is turning back to crap! It´s been great having sun and all, but good weather doesn´t generate any swell, and thats all that matters in life. Swell that is.

Soon I might get my longboard trucks and wheels back from Rob, he´s had them for a little too long now. Then I´m gonna buy a new deck, and then I´m gonna go carve some hills up!

Looks like the wind is picking up, maybe there´ll be a little evening surf session.

Now it´s exactly 17 days til me and Sofie pack up the car with the boards and the kids and head for Anglet. I really can´t wait to get there, it´s gonna be so nice to be able to surf the fish in just boardshorts, without 7 kgs extra of neopren.

Well, crossing my fingers for tonight. Laters

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boat surfing!

No swell today, but GREAT weather! Went out and boat surfed with my neighbour instead, good fun! Tomorrow there´s a slim to none chance there might be swell, but we´ll have to check tomorrow. Later!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rip off for the summer!

Since it´s now officially summer here in Norrland, I am changing the layout of the blog to a little more "summer theme". I stole the idea from my buddy Rob:

Thanks Robban!

Friday, June 1, 2007

And again...

What a perfect day! Woke up this morning and it was 20 degrees out, summers finally here! I had a meeting between 8.3o and 10, so I was planning on hitting the road and then hitting the surf at around 12. When I got there it was pretty messy, but who cares?! The waves were malibu size and the weather was outstanding, so I took the 4/3.

Super choice! It´s incredible how much more flexible I was without the extra rubber! And to finally be able to loose the hood

was great! I got a few really nice ones in the sun, and just as I was about to get up, Jesper came. We shared the chop and then I had to go back, since I had to pick Jacob up at kindergarten at 16.30.... That was not very likely to happen, since the time was 14.19 when I drove from the spot.. But.. I made it. Another great day in Norrland! Tonight Lotta (rats wife) is having a birthday party, but since my missus is at a work dinner with the car, I won´t be able to go. So congrats to Lotta anyway!