Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We missed another one!

(RAT) Saw that there would be waves yesterday and after work I checked smhi and they had had really good surf yesterday arvo at that beach we know anout that works in a southerly swell..jeeeesus..Since we started surfing as a group up here we have never missed so many surfable days as we have the last 2 months..i'm it looks like it's gunna be flat up here again for another week and all the surf that seems to break is coming during the weekdays.having taken so many weeks off this year i feel guilty about pissing off from work any's not fair.........booohooooooo!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Remote but still possible

(rat) Seeing as I am the oldest, the best surfer (hahahahaa) and THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER WRITES ANYTHING ON OUR BLOG ANYMORE!!!! I thought I'd add one more's remotely possible that there can be surf on saturday but more likely sunday..who's in?? As I said, we will have to watch the sights but there can be beach surf at least for a mal or a fat fish..cooome on boys get lively..funny how an old man like me can still be more surf crazy than you guys,,hahahaha..just kidding..keep an eye on it..da ratsafrii..peace.....